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Kids repeating and observing a science lab project at home - the baking soda and vinegar volcano

Closed to Welcome New Members.

Lucky for you, we'll open the doors again!

Re-engage kids with experiments and activities that are fun, simple, and STEM approved.

Do your kids love learning?

Or are you struggling with building that sense of confidence with learning?

Between remote learning and distance learning…

In-person, hybrid, or homeschooling...

We all want one thing for our kiddos...

To have a love of learning, exploring, discovering, and imagining!

Your kiddos crave hands-on experiments, engaging activities, and playful learning opportunities that allow them to explore the world around them!

There has to be an easy way but what…

I will let you in on a Secret.

Science experiments and activities don't have to be time-consuming...

STEM projects and challenges don't have to be expensive...

And you don't have to be a rocket scientist to know how to share them with your kiddos and students!

Art can be fun and easy to explore with a variety of ages.

Say What?

YES! You heard me!

These Science, STEM, and ART projects are completely and totally "do-able" inside and outside the classroom, at home, and with friends!

Discover how to use the supplies you have on hand and learn which common supplies you can easily and cheaply add to your science "kit".

Plus, get access to tons of ready to go activities to make your STEM planning time a snap or a click of the fingers!


Hi, My name is Sarah

I'm generally the one behind the camera, but here we are getting blown away on the top of Mount Washington in New Hampshire.

This is my son Liam, who has inspired this whole adventure into science and STEM. Oh and that's my husband Brian taking the selfie!

We've been playing with science for 7+ years!

Science activities are an AMAZING way to inspire and cultivate a love of learning in our kiddos. I speak from years of experience with totally "do-able" science with basic supplies!

I put in hours of time sifting through too hard, too expensive, too un-fun (not playful) science activities, so you don't have to!

And I am so excited to share my favorites with you and how we enjoy science together all year round.


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The Little Bins Club is a place for you to find AMAZING science and STEM activities every month. Just a click of the finger will give you instant access to totally "do-able" projects!

I’m excited to announce the doors to the Club will open again! Don't miss out the next time around.

Here are a few things you’ll get inside

Science/STEM Packs

Monthly themed packs complement the holidays and seasons. Plus selections for all year use.

Little Bins Library

An ever-growing selection of quick, printable activities to do right away!

Member Exclusives

Made just for YOU! Fresh ideas you'll love to dive into with your kiddos.

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